Corporate social responsibility


Should you need a new mobile or a new tablet, you'll take advantage of a rebate, thus protecting the environment.

Have your mobile phone evaluated. Depending on the model and its condition, you'll get a voucher worth up to 400€. Working mobiles are tested and the data they contain are erased. Then they are refurbished and sold in emerging countries which have a great demand for second-hand mobile phones.

Broken mobiles are recycled: dangerous materials are treated and metals are recovered to be reused as raw material.

Orange loves nature. To preserve the environment in which we live, we have decided to use FSC certified paper to print our Hello magazine. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an eco-label certifying that a product made of wood comes out of forests that are sustainably managed.

Let's separate waste. Orange complies to SuperDrecksKëscht®.

The SuperDrecksKëscht® is a label established by the Luxembourgish governement to certify responsible waste management and is based on the EU strategy which places prevention in first place, reuse coming on second place, recycling third, any other kind of valorisation (for instance energetic) on fourth place and only as a last mean the elimination of waste.

On the road to eco-mobility! Orange is motivated to support efforts promoting sustainability, particularly in transportation, and has purchased an electric vehicle for everyday rides in urban environment. This investment is also considered a test case to check if other vehicles of Orange could be replaced by electrical ones.

Cultural partnership

Movies are deeply rooted into the DNA of Orange

Luxembourg City's film festival aims to propose high quality content with an official competition based on the best of international cinematic arts. It shows also a selection of documentaries (the category now also ranges in the official competition), national productions and a cycle aimed at a young public, alternating workshops and projections. World and continental premieres set accents to the festival which is caracterised by some hundred projections, numerous events and workshops in one of the 3 partner cinema centres (Cinémathèque, Ciné Utopia and Kinepolis), as well as the numerous cultural institutions of Luxembourg's capital city. Orange supports this festival and its activities to help sharing audiovisual content to a large public.

Orange also sponsors the Brasilian film festival in Luxembourg, the British Film Festival and "Ciné East", promoting different cultures and contributing to enhance multiculturalism, a true asset of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg city - City Open Air with Orange

Based on a cooperation of Luxembourg City's "Cinemathèque" and Orange, the festival follows its original goal which is to provide to the Luxembourg audience quality movies in an original and pleasant surrounding, giving access to the cinema to a broad public.

The programm is varied, entertaining and general public, proposing classical and contemporary movies, as well as cult films who display the magic of the 7th art, open air.

Welcoming 500 people, still without charge, the festival innovated this year by providing access to persons with reduced mobility.

Digital well being

For a serene use of the mobile: As all digital devices, the mobile phone is very useful but requests some elementary rules for an optimal use!

The mobile phone has become part of our everyday life, but its use raises questions, particularly related to the potential impact on our health of the emitted radio waves. As a precaution, we recommend to limit the exposition to electromagnetic fields emitted by your mobile, by following some simple everyday actions and the directions of use of the manufacturer.

The ear set reflex

When calling with an ear set, your head is less exposed to radio waves. But be aware, the surrounding world moves on: pay attention on what's going on around you (particularly crosswalks are potentially dangerous...).

Yes to SMS and emails !

To send an SMS or a mobile email you need to look at the display, so your device is away from your head and your chest: The exposition is reduced.

Teenagers and pregnant women: take care

With or without ear set, keep mobiles or other mobile terminals at distance from the belly of pregnant women and the lower abdomen of teenagers.

electronic implant: keep the distance

It is recommended to keep mobile phones and terminals at least 15cm away from electronic implant (pacemakers for instance). Use the terminal on the other side of the implant to avoid interferences. Read the manual of your medical device and speak to your doctor.

Drive safely

Even when using a hands-free set, mobile telephone are dangerous when driving in a car and are a potential cause for accidents, the conversation distracts as well as other uses (SMS, mobile internet...).

Keep the sound volume low

Avoid dot listen to music on your mobile phones or your tablet at maximum volume over a long period, this can damage you hearing irreparably.

Planes and hospitals: follow the security instructions.

Generally always follow the security instructions and restrictions for the use of mobile devices (planes, hospitals, gas-stations...).